April 20-21 2022

to answer all the most common questions and requirements coming up from plastic recycling market.

  • Technology is not virtuosity.
    Technology finds solutions.

Sustainability is no longer a challenge: it is, since time, an essential reality and, according to Bandera, an advantageous one.

BUT how to make Ecologically sustainable also Economically sustainable?

Thanks to the Up-Cycling process of polyolefins, Bandera goes far beyond recycling, reintroducing post-industrial and / or post-consumer waste into the virtuous circle of production.

BANDERA takes on the challenge and gives their solution

Targeted interventions, not general introduction.

April 20th: Flexible films

for Recyclers and Flexible Film producers

8.00 (AM) - 11.00 (AM) - 5.00 (PM)
30/45 minutes sessions


  • 1. Event Introduction
  • 2. “Bandera's answers to your needs” session
    • 2.1. Produce flexible films by using post-industrial scraps with high percentage of PA
    • 2.2. Black spots coming from post-industrial scrap with EVOH
    • 2.3. Yellowing and final product inconstancy
    • 2.4. Post-industrial material feeding
    • 2.5. Solution for recycling cross-linked films
    • 2.6. Solution for post-consumer and multi-material products
  • 3. Blown Film
    • 3.1. Breaking down the barrier of re-using barrier films
    • 3.2. Case study: post-consumer material to blown film production
  • 4. Conclusion
  • 5. Greetings and upcoming appointments

April 21st: rigid polyolefins
and bottling

for Recyclers, Rigid Polyolefins & Bottling producers

8.00 (AM) - 11.00 (AM) - 5.00 (PM)
30/45 minutes sessions


  • 1. Event Introduction
  • 2. “Bandera's answers to your needs” session
    • 2.1. The avoidance of defects linked to HDPE / PP injection moulding products
    • 2.2. Homogeneity of the recyclate: did Bandera?
    • 2.3. Smell to fall : REVOTECH VOC & Odor removal Degassing and pellets deodorization
    • 2.4. My favourite Rock Blend Starting from inconstant income material, ability to generate an upscaled consistent blend / Tuning of raw materials and process in function of a customized outcome
    • 2.5. Productivity with high MFI resin – Bandera is wide awake
    • 2.6. Current and future needs: what if future challenges became harder?
  • 3. Conclusion
  • 4. Greetings and upcoming appointments

Luigi Bandera
Andrea Carraro – Product & Sales Manager |
Recycling Technology
Daniele Cerasaro – Sales & Marketing Director
Pietro Zanotto – Area Sales Manager |
Blown Film Technology
Gabriele Murano – Product & Sales Manager |
Flat Die Technology
Denise Chillura Martino – R&D Engineer
Matteo Calloni - R&D Manager

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